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Behemoth the Sea Monster PG rating

A radiation-spouting prehistoric creature emerges off the Cornish coast and begins making its way towards London, in Britain’s answer to Godzilla.

Horror 1958 69 mins

Director: Douglas Hickox


Nuclear testing has resulted in the re-emergence of a prehistoric sea creature off the Cornish coast, and it’s not long before the radiation-spouting behemoth is off up the Thames to wreak havoc in London.

Britain’s answer to Japan’s Gojira and America’s The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms is an enormously enjoyable monster movie, offering the chance to witness the flattening of London and iconic structures such as London Bridge. And despite its undoubted B-movie status, the Behemoth itself is designed by no less illustrious a figure than Willis O’Brien – technician behind the original King Kong.