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The Untamed 18 rating

Amat Escalante follows Heli with a boundary-pushing, mind-blowing mix of sex, sci-fi and social drama.

Fantasy 2016 98 mins

Director: Amat Escalante


Part potent social drama, part tentacular science-fiction enigma, Amat Escalante’s idiosyncratic film is as difficult to categorise as it is to describe. The film opens in the opaque Mexican lowlands. Veronica is a dispossessed young woman with a curious addiction. When an injury leads her to the local hospital, she encounters Fabian, a nurse who carries with him a big secret. Meanwhile Fabian’s sister Alejandra is facing her own crisis. Could Veronica offer the pair an unorthodox escape from their problems?

Amat Escalante's followup to his acclaimed crime drama Heli is an extraordinary, boundary-pushing work that fuses elements of sci-fi and horror with vivid social realism, while thematically addressing issues around sexuality and addiction. It's a mind-blowing mix that's a must for seekers of cinema’s more transgressive pleasures.