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Soho 'glamour' filmmaker George Harrison Marks plays girl-hungry vampire Count Dracula III in this strange striptease short

Horror 1964 10 mins Not rated


Notorious Soho porn-monger George Harrison Marks surely drew inspiration from Hammer's Dracula chillers for this peculiar silent striptease short. In addition to writing and directing, Marks took the starring role as Count Dracula III, an eye-rollingly hammy King of the Vampires, unconvincingly emerging from his plywood-lidded tomb to chase girls around his cardboard-walled castle.

Harrison Marks' 8mm striptease films were available to the home movie market via mail order from the back pages of his own specialist 'nude studies' magazine, Kamera. Marks specialised in porn, but also dabbled in more respectable markets - his yearly full-colour cat calendars were big sellers too.