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Glamour goddess Pamela Green reveals all in a key ‘60s striptease collaboration with George Harrison Marks.

Pornography 1960 5 mins Silent Not rated


British 1950s and 60s glamour goddess Pamela Green disrobes for the disreputable camera of lover and business partner George Harrison Marks in this key example of their cine-collaborations for the 8mm home movie market. Stripping off on a set decked out like a swanky modern apartment, replete with exotic animal skins, Green offers voyeurs a drink and a cigarette, before reclining on her couch.

Pamela Green played a crucial role in the establishment of Harrison Marks' 'glamour' empire. A gifted entrepreneur, she was instrumental in the 1957 launch of Marks' massively popular 'nude studies' photo magazine Kamera, and sometimes appeared inside. Green also had a brief but hugely important part in director Michael Powell's career-wrecking 1960 Soho-set thriller, Peeping Tom.