Soho Stories

Long linked to flesh and pleasure, London’s infamous district merits a closer look. Here you’ll find jazz clubs, garrets, lewdness and lidos.

Together they created a place of tolerence during a puritan age. The world descended. The city changed.

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Burlesque QueenBurlesque Queen

Documentary19616 minsSilent Location: Soho

Tassel-spinning showgirl Tina stars in this rare 60s British burlesque stage show reel.

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Horror196410 mins Location: Soho

Soho 'glamour' filmmaker George Harrison Marks plays girl-hungry vampire Count Dracula III in this strange striptease short

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Pornography19605 minsSilent

Glamour goddess Pamela Green reveals all in a key ‘60s striptease collaboration with George Harrison Marks.

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Sunshine in SohoSunshine in Soho

Documentary195632 mins Location: Soho

1950s Soho beats with far more energy than its 21st century counterpart in this vivid time capsule.

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Documentary198120 mins Location: Soho

A feminist view of how small businesses in London's Soho exploit working women.

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Anton & MintyAnton & Minty

Fantasy199518 mins Location: Soho

Minty’s hobbies include drinking tea, smoking roll-ups and falling into a coma, while Anton dreams of clinically depressed sheep breaking into the house.

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London's ContrastsLondon's Contrasts

192412 mins Location: Hyde Park

Part of Wonderful London, the BFI National Archive’s programme of restored London travelogues, filmed in the capital in the 1920s.

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Cosmopolitan LondonCosmopolitan London

Interest film192410 mins Location: Soho

An extraordinary tour of Soho's French cafés, Clerkenwell's Little Italy and the lesser-trodden streets of Limehouse in the 1920s.

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Central London TrafficCentral London Traffic

Government sponsored film195612 mins Location: Soho

Traffic chaos and parking pandemonium in London is nothing new - as we see from this colourful 1950s research film shot around the capital.

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