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Burlesque Queen

Tassel-spinning showgirl Tina stars in this rare 60s British burlesque stage show reel.

Documentary 1961 6 mins Silent Not rated


Tassel-spinning showgirl Tina energetically exhibits her pert physique, a powerful pelvic thrust and an impressively-piled hairpiece as she performs her striking striptease stage show. This vivid view of vintage burlesque, of the variety seen in smoky cellar bars in Soho, was shot circa 1961.

Making the most of her props in this low-budget film produced for the 8mm home-movie market, Tina tantalisingly uses a leopard-skin wrap to add still more spice to an already thoroughly risqué routine. The stage set, however, looks slightly shaky, and there is an anxious moment when Tina launches her bra fiercely into the diaphanous drapes behind her. Luckily for all concerned, they don't fall down.