Soho Stories

Long linked to flesh and pleasure, London’s infamous district merits a closer look. Here you’ll find jazz clubs, garrets, lewdness and lidos.

Together they created a place of tolerence during a puritan age. The world descended. The city changed.

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The Small World of Sammy LeeThe Small World of Sammy Lee

Drama1963107 minsDirector: Ken Hughes

Seedy Soho strip-club compere Sammy (Anthony Newley) races to escape the heavies who hunt him in this gritty, engrossing 1960s London thriller.

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Design for LovingDesign for Loving

Comedy196269 minsSilentDirector: Godfrey Grayson

A grubby Soho beatnik becomes a fuzz-faced fashionista for a leading London fashion house in this 1960s rom com.

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The Green CockatooThe Green Cockatoo

Action and Adventure194064 minsDirector: William Cameron Menzies

From an original scenario by Graham Greene, this is a neat crime thriller about a girl (René Ray) who witnesses a murder, becomes a suspect herself, and gets mixed up with a sleazy Soho gangster (John Mills).

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All Night LongAll Night Long

Drama196291 minsDirector: Basil Dearden

Othello is transposed to the 1960s Soho jazz scene as a malevolent drummer sows mistrust between husband-and-wife jazz luminaries.

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Where Has Poor Mickey GoneWhere Has Poor Mickey Gone

56 minsDirector: Gerry Levy

A fairground showman (Warren Mitchell) exacts a terrible revenge upon the hooligans who terrorise him in this haunting tale of mystery and magic

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Primitive LondonPrimitive London

Documentary196587 minsDirector: Arnold Louis Miller

Arnold Louis Miller's follow-up to London in the Raw lifts the lid on society’s decay with its sideshow spectacle of 60s London depravity.

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Police drama1973116 minsDirector: Alfred Hitchcock

Hitchcock returned to London for was his penultimate film, a brutal serial killer drama that proved the veteran still had the edge.

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London in the RawLondon in the Raw

Documentary196447 minsDirector: Arnold Louis Miller

Low-budget movie mogul Arnold Louis Miller concocted this exploitation-style documentary which peers behind the grimy net curtains of British life.

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Soho Striptease ClubsSoho Striptease Clubs

19587 minsSilentDirector: John Rhodes

Intrepid investigative journalist Daniel Farson ventures deep into the heart of Soho to explore the hidden world of afternoon Striptease Clubs.

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Crime1929109 minsSilentDirector: E.A. Dupont

The glitter of Jazz Age clubland meets the Far East (of London) in this stunningly restored silent classic, starring Anna May Wong.

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G.G. PassionG.G. Passion

Animation & Artists Moving Image196624 minsDirector: David Bailey

In this ultra-rare short directed by David Bailey, an ageing pop singer is hounded by mysterious assassins.

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Crime192250 minsSilentDirector: Graham Cutts

A decadent, controversial tale of London's seedy underbelly, where an elegant Chinese club host enslaves the weak with white powder.

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Yellow FeverYellow Fever

Comedy199827 minsDirector: Raymond Yeung

A gay British-Chinese man refuses to date Chinese men. But then Jai Ming moves in next door.

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Ping PongPing Pong

Comedy1987100 minsDirector: Leong Po-Chih

A young lawyer has to execute the will of a Chinese man found dead in a phone box in a witty comic thriller - the first British-Chinese feature film.

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Drama1989111 minsDirector: Mike Newell

Hong Kong newlyweds seek a fresh start in 60s Britain, but fall foul of the Triad underworld in this adaptation of Timothy Mo's blackly comic novel.

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