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G.G. Passion

In this ultra-rare short directed by David Bailey, an ageing pop singer is hounded by mysterious assassins.

Animation & Artists Moving Image 1966 24 mins

Director: David Bailey


A rare chance to see an extremely elusive short; one of a handful of films directed by celebrated photographer David Bailey. This singular take on the mania of the swinging sixties - from one of its key protagonists - follows an ageing pop singer as he is hounded by mysterious assassins. The result of a collaboration between several significant figures in the then London filmmaking scene, including scriptwriter Gérard Brach, cinematographer Stanley Long and co-producer Roman Polanski, G.G Passion remains a mystifyingly underseen mid-sixties treat.

G.G. Passion (Eric Swayne) is a successful pop star whose life is a whirlwind of adoring fans, beautiful women (including Caroline Munro and Chrissie Shrimpton) and expensive cars. But while he enjoys the fruits of his celebrity lifestyle, a secret group of observers is judging whether his fame and influence is beneficial to society as a whole. Soon, they will make their decision – and it will be final. Part of the Arts Council England (ACE) collection.