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Today at Six Cup Special

The city shuts down as devoted Newcastle United fans huddle around TVs for a grim afternoon watching their team’s FA Cup final defeat.

Magazine and Review show 1974 6 mins

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The ‘people’s game’ is nothing without the fans. As the St Nicholas Church clock strikes three, the streets of the city are almost deserted as Newcastle United’s supporters crowd around television sets with a pint to cheer on their team in the 1974 FA Cup final against Liverpool on 4 May. There’s hope, then heartache for the unashamedly weepy Magpie fans facing the football club’s first ever defeat at Wembley with dignity and a half-hearted ‘Howay the Lads’ cheer.

The club’s defeat would signal the exit one year later of manager Joe Harvey, who, as a Newcastle United player, captain and coach, had witnessed the FA Cup triumphs of 1951, 1952 and 1955. For a team who were thought unbeatable - on the right day - many believed the Magpies were a "no show" in the final that day, losing 3-0 in this their eleventh appearance in an FA Cup final.