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Son of Plain - Advertising Man's Guide to Tyne Tees Television

Is comedian Clive Dunn the Don Draper of the British advertising world? Watch this imaginative Tyne Tees TV marketing film and decide.

Animation & Artists Moving Image 1964 11 mins

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Tyne Tees TV thinks outside the box with a marketing campaign of the 1960s that's both satire and sales pitch. Comedian Clive Dunn is the old school British 'mad man' advising on the do's and don'ts of selling time to advertisers. This deliciously entertaining film bears a striking resemblance to the work of Oscar-winning British animator Bob Godfrey, from the gentle mockery of advertising to the inventive mix of cut-out animation and bold graphics.

The lugubrious Johnny Vyvyan (a regular star in Hancock's Half Hour) also appears as the deadpan waiter, handling the 'old boy' Clive Dunn, whose character is voiced by British actor Richard Wattiss with a characteristic air of superiority and dismissiveness. The film was discovered without credits, so, sadly, the animator remains unidentified. However, the influence of Bob Godfrey's Do It Yourself Cartoon Kit (1961) is quite evident, the style pre-dating Terry Gilliam's Monty Python animations.