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This is Bournemouth

Bournemouth. A holiday resort that’s got the lot. Sunshine, sandy beaches, gardens, shops, fine dining and entertainment - with sports stars and a few beauty queens thrown in

Promotional 1969 17 mins

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This nostalgic film opens with holidaymakers arriving at the resort by plane, train or car. We then get a colourful review of the resort’s beaches, gardens and shopping facilities – with a comment about the town's effluent. All sorts of leisure and sports activities are seen – as well as the tennis star, Virginia Wade. Trips to nearby places of interest are also shown before we get a montage of forthcoming entertainments. After a dinner-dance we return to the busy beach.

The two ocean liners seen in this interesting film are the Queen Elizabeth II, or QEII, and the SS United States – the latter being captured during her last year of service. Both liners still exist today. The QEII is now docked in Dubai, where she has been converted into a floating hotel. Her future seems assured. The SS United States, however, though currently docked in Philadelphia, has a much more uncertain future. Purchased in 2009 by a preservation group, the SS United States Conservancy, the liner has been the subject of various restoration schemes to restore the ship, none of which have, so far, come to fruition.