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Guinness - Plinths

Pete and Dud prove to be stout football fans in this Guinness commercial recalling a great sporting moment - however fleeting.

Advert 1976 1 mins


A decade after England's World Cup triumph, for many football fans the bitter taste of the 1970 3-2 defeat by West Germany still overpowered the sweet smell of the 1966 victory. For Pete and Dud denial proves to be the best approach for dealing with such trauma, conveniently ignoring the three comeback goals that put the Three Lions out at the quarter final stage. Good things may come to those who wait, but England fans have been waiting for some time...

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore's alter egos Pete and Dud had pursued their comic witterings since 1964, and by the time this advert was filmed they had been largely superseded by their potty-mouthed shadows Derek and Clive. Despite their increasingly difficult working relationship, they made two other commercials in this campaign.