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RHM: Nimble: Lunch Date

An advert for the Nimble brand of slimming-friendly bread that reinforces the concept of the word ‘nimble’.

Advert 1961


This short but effective ad consists of a single shot of a woman running down a spiral staircase, her skirt billowing up around her as though to reinforce the impression that she is, if not quite lighter than air, at least doing a fair impression - and when she meets her would-be paramour, the picture itself floats off the screen. All this is to emphasise the desirability of eating Nimble bread, whose slogan “A lighter bread that keeps you fit” neatly encapsulates its intended appeal.

Produced by Rank Hovis McDougall, Nimble was first introduced in 1956 as “the NEW starch-reduced loaf”, offering “30% more protein” and fewer calories per slice - although one reason for the latter achievement was that the slices themselves were smaller than were offered by RHM’s other brands. Its heyday came courtesy of the slimming crazes of the late 1960s and 70s, thanks to a marked increase in its advertising budget. Still manufactured today under the Hovis brand, its current marketing strategy illustrated by the fact that it’s now targeted at vegetarians and vegans.