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Rainforest Journey

Take a trek with a research expedition as they traverse the dense rainforest floor, hacking their way through the vine-entangled undergrowth that ensnares their every turn.

13 mins Silent


The footage follows an expedition across a rainforest documenting the group as they hack their way through the dense vegetation, transport a canoe, as well as roast and eat a wild boar. Guides are also pictured carrying the bulk of the equipment as well as leading the way through this dark, rainforest layer. The final scenes show the team aboard a ship on their way home enjoying the pleasures of an on-board swimming pool.

The identity of both the film and the people in it remains a mystery. Perhaps you the viewer could help? Do you know who could have produced this film? Can you identify the people? Do you know whereabouts these scenes were captured? If you feel you may have any information regarding the film please do not hesitate to get in touch.