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Climbing Mount Everest

A fascinating glimpse into life at high altitude for the party of the Mount Everest Expedition 1933 which intended, but ultimately failed to summit Everest.

Non-Fiction 1933 32 mins Silent


The Mount Everest Expedition 1933 was the third British attempt to reach the summit. This footage sheds light on the everyday life and daily activities of the expedition. Above all the camaraderie and frivolity of the group shines through, as they prepare to tackle the mountain. Includes scenes of the approach, camps, Shekar Dzong, the East Rongbuk Glacier and climbing attempts.

Under the leadership of Hugh Ruttledge the team included Jack Longland, Frank Smythe, Eric Shipton, Percy Wyn-Harris, Raymond Greene, Lawrence Wager and a group of Sherpa Tigers including Nima Tendrup (who had taken part in all of the 1920s expeditions). Although the expedition may have failed in its goal to summit the peak, climbers Lawrence Wager, Percy Wyn-Harris and Frank Smythe reached an impressive 28,126 feet setting an altitude record for climbing without the aid of oxygen; a record that was not broken until 1978. This attempt also led to the discovery of Andrew Irvine’s ice axe at 27,690 feet.