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Cape to Cairo

The Court Treatt expedition arrives in Luxor in this fragment from the film record of their journey across Africa.

Travelogue 1926 1 mins


Cape to Cairo is a film record of Major Court Treatt and his wife Stella's expedition across Africa, from south to north. It covered 12732 miles and took the party of six people 16 months, in an adapted Crossley motor car. It was the first motor crossing of Africa, although they were beaten by the Citroen Black Cross Expedition travelling in the other direction. Stella Court Treatt wrote an account of the journey in her book of the same name, but apart from this fragment showing the arrival of the car in Luxor, Egypt - with its famous gate, peristyle hall and temple ruins - and a newsreel clip showing their arrival in Cairo, the rest of what might have been a remarkable film is sadly lost.