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The Conquest of Everest U rating

Colour film (narrated by Meredith Edwards) telling the story of the ‘Mount Everest Expedition 1953’, which saw the first successful ascent of the mountain.

Documentary 1953 78 mins


Film telling the story of the ‘Mount Everest Expedition 1953’. From the history of Mount Everest and earlier climbing expeditions to preparations (including oxygen and equipment testing at Farnborough). Includes voice commentary from John Hunt, Charles Wylie and Edmund Hillary. Camps, acclimatization and assault parties. Ends with a triumphant Hillary and Tenzing arriving back at Camp IV, and being congratulated by the team.

The ‘Mount Everest Expedition 1953’ was led by John Hunt with Charles Evans, George Band, Tom Bourdillon, Alfred Gregory, Edmund Hillary, George Lowe, Wilfred Noyce, Michael Ward, Michael Westmacott, Charles Wylie and Griffith Pugh; Tom Stobart was film director. On 29th May 1953 at 11.30am, Edmund Hillary and Sherpa, Tenzing Norgay stood on the summit of Mount Everest. Hillary took the picture of Tenzing holding his ice-axe (with the flags of the UN, Britain, Nepal and India) and pictures from the summit, covering 360°. They took off their oxygen masks briefly, and left small offerings at the summit before descending.