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Scenes from Around the World

Short colour, silent, compilation of unedited film footage giving a snapshot of life in various countries in the year 1947.

Amateur film 1947 9 mins Silent


This short, unedited film, documents small-scale select events as witnessed by the creator in Iceland, Barbados and Mexico. We are shown a group of men driving / herding horses in Iceland before parading with them, a parade of school children in Barbados which begins on Chamberlain Bridge in Bridgetown, and a festival on one of the Xochimilco canals in Mexico City.

Horses were first introduced into Iceland by Nordic settlers in the 9th and 10 centuries. The harsh Icelandic conditions and selective breeding has created a long lived hardy pony sized horse. Still used for sheep-herding today. Sizable populations are seen in Europe and North America as a result of the horse’s popularity. However, horses are not allowed into Iceland and any removed from Iceland are not allowed to return.