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Scenes from Around the World

Short colour, silent, compilation of unedited film footage giving a snapshot of life in various countries in the year 1947.

1947 9 mins Silent


This short unedited film documents small-scale select events as witnessed by the creator in Iceland, an unspecified Caribbean island and an unspecified South American location. The events record a group of men driving or herding horses in Iceland before parading with them. A school parade with the Union Jack in the Caribbean and a river festival in South America.

Horses were first introduced into Iceland by Nordic settlers in the 9th and 10 centuries. The harsh Icelandic conditions and selective breeding has created a long lived hardy pony sized horse. Still used for sheep-herding today. Sizable populations are seen in Europe and North America as a result of the horse’s popularity. However, horses are not allowed into Iceland and any removed from Iceland are not allowed to return.