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Istanbul - Baghdad - Teheran: 1944-58

Short colour, silent, compilation of unedited film footage of Istanbul, Baghdad and Iran: 1944 to 1958. Showing major tourist attractions and Sir Clarmont Skrine’s family.

Amateur film 1958 14 mins Silent


This short unedited film largely documents travel, tourist attractions some of the people encountered during Sir Clarmont Skrine’s time in the region. Highlights within the footage are the spectacular mountainous scenery to be found in Iran, Tomb of Cyrus, Persepolis, the shrine of Imam Reza, Imam Square, Chehel Sotoun, Shah Mosque, Tehran Bazaar, Ctesiphon, the Tomb of Darius and the Blue Mosque.

The Tomb of Cyrus the great visits by Alexander the great after his destruction of Persepolis. Although no inscription survives Strabo reported that the Mausoleum carried one which read – ‘Passer-by, I am Cyrus, who founded the Persian Empire, and was king of Asia. Grudge me not therefore this monument.’ The Persian New Year is celebrated annually at the tomb.