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Hovis: Boy on the Bike

A classic slice of British advertising history, though that hill's not as Northern as it looks...

Advert 1974 1 mins


Old Ma Peggoty's house at the top of the hill in a fictional 'Northern' (actually South-Western) town is the last delivery in Ridley Scott's 'Boy on a Bike', voted one of Britain's best-loved adverts ever. Freewheeling down the cobbles of Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, Dorset, our young hero rides into the sunset in what is one of the most iconic moments in TV advertising history. There's wheatgerm in that there bread - but also a claim that falls foul of today's advertising standards, so the 2019 reboot had to re-record the narration. This restored version preserves the original in all its glory.

The BFI National Archive worked with Ridley Scott Associates to remaster the film from the best surviving elements - three original distribution prints. The Archive's technicians had to deal with colour fading, mould, scratches and missing frames, meaning that in the end parts of all three copies were used to get the best possible picture and sound. All 1146 frames and the digitised soundtrack were put through a range of automated and manual processes to clean them up and conceal damage, dirt or persistent scratches, leaving this classic slice of TV advertising looking as good as when it was first baked.