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Guinness - End of Play

Guinness advert equating the slow pace of its drinking and serving with that of a game of cricket.

Advert 1978 1 mins


If there’s one theme that constantly recurs in Guinness advertising, it’s the notion that a pint should be enjoyed at leisure - or, as the equally languid narration puts it, a “long, easy pace”. A cricket match is a singularly appropriate sport to convey that notion, the measured strides of the players returning to the pavilion after taking up the stumps matched by the equally painstaking pouring of the bottled Guinness right down to the very last drop - this last given special attention.

Director Tony Scott spent the period between his first two features Loving Memory (1971) and The Hunger (1983) almost exclusively making commercials, mostly for his older brother’s Ridley Scott Associates. He also helped oversee the company, especially when Ridley’s feature film career began to take flight in the late 1970s. One of the briefly-glimpsed cricketers is played by John Alderton, who initially made his name as the newly-qualified teacher in the LWT sitcom Please Sir! (1968-71) and had more recently graduated to feature films (Zardoz, 1974; It Shouldn’t Happen to a Vet, 1976).