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Garhwal Himalayas Expedition 1939

Film directed by Peter Oliver of his expedition to Garhwal, or the ‘Valley of the Flowers’ with Frank Smythe, in 1937.

Amateur film 1939 52 mins Silent


Amateur footage of Garhwal Himalaya, where Smythe invited Oliver to climb, based on his experience on Mount Everest in 1936. Oliver demonstrated agility and strength as a climber and a rapport with local people. The film shows locations including Rajputana, Bhyundar, Banke Plateau, Banke Glacier, Badrinath, Nilkantha Badrinath, Mana Pass, Trisul, Karnet, Nilkantha, Khirann Ganga, Ganges Bridge, Joshimath, Lata Kharak, Durashi and Dibrngheta.

Peter Oliver (1907–1945) was a climbing member of both the 1936 and 1938 British expeditions to Mount Everest. He was a soldier and used his leave, while serving with the South Waziristan Scouts on the North West Frontier, to climb in the Himalaya. In 1933 he made the second successful ascent of Trisul (23,385ft. / 7128 m.) since T.G. Longstaff in 1907. He was killed in action at Taungtha, Burma on 22nd February 1945. The full account of the Garhwal expedition was published in Frank Smythe’s book entitled ‘The Valley of the Flowers’ which became a classic of mountaineering, published in 1938.