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Double Dose

Colchester Cine Club pay homage to Louis Lumiére's comedy silent film L'Arroseur Arrosé producing their own quirky version.

Amateur film 1970 6 mins

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The 1895 short silent film, L'Arroseur Arrosé by Louis Lumiére, is thought to be the world's first comedy film. In 1970, as part of the North vs South competition for cine clubs, Colchester filmmakers pay homage, producing their own version of this short film, which is known in English as The Waterer Watered or The Sprinkler Sprinkled.

John Wright, the columnist for 'Movie Maker' magazine, started a competition for cine clubs, splitting them North vs. South, each entry to be on a theme for the year. In 1970 this was 'Watering the Gardener'. Unfortunately for Colchester Cine Club, they didn't win for this entry.