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Care in the Community - 'A Very New Idea'

Five elderly ladies, having received treatment for mental illness but with nowhere to go, now live together in an old house at Brightlingsea.

News 1964 11 mins

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An About Anglia news report of the problems typically faced by recovering mental health patients, in particular with regard to leaving institutional care. Reporting on the recent relocation of discharged patients from Severalls Mental Hospital to shared accommodation in Brightlingsea, the reporter visits the grounds of the psychiatric unit, Ivy Villa, once home to the relocated patients, commenting on the social stigma that can be attached to mental ill health.

At their Brightlingsea home, the elderly female residents are interviewed in turn by Anglia reporter, John McGregor detailing their individual responsibilities and daily activities and each describe their feelings about living independently from psychiatric care. Their neighbour, Mrs Brooks reveals the new residents’ sociable nature while hospital chaplain and local minister, Reverend Jack Knockles welcomes the new residents into the community, championing the positive effects of this very new idea, ‘care in the community’. The scheme was inaugurated by the hospital authorities and religious leaders.