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Colchester Cine Club ensemble comedy featuring a pair of inept odd-jobbers and a mischievous lad.

Amateur film 1967 10 mins

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A pair of inept odd-jobbers attempt to valet a car but their efforts are curtailed by a mischievous young lad. Colchester Cine Club present this slapstick silent comedy featuring an ensemble cast of 9 of its cine club members. Colchester Cine Club always enjoyed making comedies. The Club was always open to receiving new members, and emphasised that technical experience was not important - enthusiasm was! The onus for the Club was always getting everyone involved.

In the Spring of 1959 two keen amateur cinematographers, Don Leech and Eric Smith, placed a notice in the public library calling for like-minded filmmakers to attend a meeting at the Cross Keys Inn, Long Wyre Street. Some twenty to thirty people attended, and it was on that day, 24th April 1959, the Colchester Cine Club was formed. Don Leech was voted as Chairman, and fortnightly meetings were to be held in a room over Eric Smith’s shop, ‘Photovogue’ on St. John’s Street.