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Daz with the Blue Whitener

Mrs Cross takes the Daz test but what will the outcome be?

Advert 1967 2 mins

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This is a Daz commercial from the regions filmed by Television Wales and West (TWW) in a mid Devon town. The television company held the franchise for South Wales and West of England region and broadcast from 1958 to 1968. This was part of half-hour programme of adverts that they broadcast weekly. Brand X or Daz? Mrs Cross of course chooses Daz for producing whiter than white whites and as if to make a point, the church bell chimes in the background!

What you can’t see in black and white is the blue whiteness produced by the leading brand. Daz is a laundry detergent and was introduced in February 1953. It is manufactured by Proctor and Gamble and the advertising campaign featured the whiter than white series of adverts where ordinary householders stated why they would choose Daz. The adverts have helped to place the brand in the top echelons for recognisable household consumables with famous taglines that became catchphrases for the common householder.