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Crowning Glory

Limp-haired lover Betty rekindles romance with dashing Dick by swapping to Amami Shampoo and Wave Set in this 1930s advertising film.

Advert 1936 14 mins


Blonde beauty Betty isn’t making the best of herself. But by swapping to Amami Shampoo, she revitalises her hair and reignites the flames of passion in dashing beau Dick. This sprightly film - ostensibly shot by a hair-obsessed filmmaker - advises country girls to carry Amami Wave Set in their rucksacks. Meanwhile city girls who use it lend “beauty to the sombre dignity of our great cities”.

As is made clear by this film, 1930s women were encouraged to wash their hair just once a week. Other days were set aside for a wave set, while “Friday night is Amami night”. Look out for a brief early appearance by roguish Terry-Thomas as a louche ladies' man.