The LOLympics

The Olympics spirit extends far beyond the Games themselves. We salute the LOLympians, who compete in games off the beaten track (and field).

Faster - Higher - Stronger. The Olympic motto can be applied as much to competitive pea pushing as to breaking the four-minute mile. The competitions featured here might sometimes lack the gravitas of those that win the five rings seal of approval, but don't forget that the tug of war was contested at the Summer Olympiad from 1900 to 1920, while rope climbing made it to 1924. With BMX recently getting official recognition and golf making a comeback, there's hope for all you bun-eaters, cheese-rollers and haggis-hurlers yet.

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The Flaming Tar Barrels of Ottery St MaryThe Flaming Tar Barrels of Ottery St Mary

News19782 minsSilent Location: Ottery St Mary

Unique tradition of Ottery St Mary’s flaming tar barrels rolls on

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Haggis HurlingHaggis Hurling

News19806 mins Location: Belfast

Meet the president leading the haggis hurling revival and learn how delivering lunch became a sport for kilted gentlemen.

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Pipe Smoking ContestPipe Smoking Contest

News19633 minsSilent Location: Rathfriland

A piano player, a magician or sandwiches, which would motivate you to smoke the longest?

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Stuntwoman Human CannonballStuntwoman Human Cannonball

News19753 mins Location: Knebworth Ho

Human Cannonball Mary Connors has the guts and determination of any Olympian, proving she really is a she performing at Knebworth House, 1975.

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Cheese RollingCheese Rolling

News19601 minsSilent Location: Cooper's Hill

Injuries abound as the annual cheese rolling at Cooper's Hill near Brockworth claims its usual victims.

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Tug of WarTug of War

News19755 mins Location: Leicester

Their training regime includes lifting a lump of concrete into a tree - meet the Leicester tug-of-war team preparing to take on the world.

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Wirksworth Uphill Beer Barrel RaceWirksworth Uphill Beer Barrel Race

News19766 mins Location: Wirksworth

At their secret Peak District training camp outside Wirksworth a group of elite athletes prepare for an extreme sporting challenge.

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Wellington Go Kart RaceWellington Go Kart Race

News19651 minsSilent Location: Wellington

Karts start hearts and minds racing in semi legal street race

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Field PushballField Pushball

Sport19681 minsSilent Location: Torquay

Pushballers grapple with oversized ball

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Pub GamesPub Games

News19701 minsSilent Location: Plymouth

Beer and Bangers are almost a recipe for disaster in this English Pub

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Waterski Championships and Other SportsWaterski Championships and Other Sports

Amateur film19689 minsSilent

Exotic sporting events from water-skiing to wheel barrow racing are just two of the highlights of this amateur newsreel film.

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Jubilee - Sack Race, Building BonfireJubilee - Sack Race, Building Bonfire

Home movie19352 minsSilent Location: Tredegar

Making merry to celebrate the monarchy: King George V’s silver jubilee in 1935 is the occasion of community festivities in Tredegar/area.

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Myers Annual SportsMyers Annual Sports

News19631 minsSilent Location: Langley Green

Tug-of-war and pushball - two of the classic sports on offer at this typical Oldbury works sports day.

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CACS plays gamesCACS plays games

Home movie19485 minsSilent

Forget Sir W Raleigh laying down his cloak for the Queen. Here, Cardiff Amateur Cine Society members lay down their newspapers for the ladies!

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Bun Eating ContestBun Eating Contest

News19631 minsSilent Location: Rathfriland

Can you spot the cheat in this greedy contest?

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Oldbury County High School Athletic Sports June 1938Oldbury County High School Athletic Sports June 1938

Home movie19386 minsSilent Location: Oldbury

Remembered by many but loved by few - that highlight of the school calendar - the sports day.

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International Four Town CompetitionInternational Four Town Competition

News19671 minsSilent Location: Stroud

Stand well clear for this one - it's competitive brick and rolling pin throwing as the Strouds of the English speaking world come together.

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Sports and Parks in BarnetSports and Parks in Barnet

Home movie19849 minsSilent Location: Barnet

A journey through the greenest parts of Barnet features sporting scenes of a Sunday league football and bowls matches.

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Heinze Wolff and the 57 TricyclesHeinze Wolff and the 57 Tricycles

Documentary198625 mins Location: Milton Keynes

An archetypal eccentric professor is a fitting presenter for an equally eccentric and ingenious bunch of human powered mobile contraptions.

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Sports TimeSports Time

Non-Fiction197117 mins Location: Wakefield

From the rich man’s sport of power boats, to the poor man’s scrambling, and in between the mad lot playing football driving around in Cortinas.

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News19812 mins Location: Ashton

Ever wondered where the conker capital of the world is? Thought not. Oh! Okay, if you insist: it's Aston in Northamptonshire.

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Amateur film19764 minsSilent

From the decade that style forgot - it's the 1976 Portsmouth and Southsea Pram-Olympics!

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Plymouth's Pram Derby 1923Plymouth's Pram Derby 1923

Non-Fiction19233 minsSilent Location: Plymouth

Get that Kruschen Feeling! Pram race to fundraise for the Palace Theatre

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Champion Onion PeelerChampion Onion Peeler

News19802 mins Location: Wolverley

Wolverley in Worcestershire boasts an unusual British champion with a record that would bring tears to your eyes.

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Clive Hall, Llandaf - Sports' DayClive Hall, Llandaf - Sports' Day

Home movie19474 minsSilent Location: Llandaff

Races of all sorts have been arranged for the children at Roald Dahl’s old school in Cardiff – and parents get a chance to race too!

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Pea Pushing ContestPea Pushing Contest

News19690 minsSilent Location: Belfast

Who will be the first to roll across the finish line?

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Rat RacingRat Racing

News196915 mins Location: Crumlin

Are champions made with a diet of cereal and Guinness? See the world recording breaking rat in his prime before he gets eaten by his owner’s cat.

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Sports Day Races on Plymouth HoeSports Day Races on Plymouth Hoe

News19611 minsSilent Location: Plymouth

Sports Day on Plymouth Hoe as children and parents find their feet

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Pushball Bouts and Boy Scout Camp in BreconPushball Bouts and Boy Scout Camp in Brecon

Non-Fiction19252 minsSilent Location: Brecon/Aberhonddu

The Pushball – an enormous sphere filled with hot air and advertising the ‘Daily Mail’ - comes to Brecon annually, as part of the carnival.

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Sport, on two wheelsSport, on two wheels

Amateur film19507 minsSilent

Motorcyclists being asked to walk the plank and dismount for ‘spud and water'? What's going on?

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It’s a Knockout at Halkyn Cricket ClubIt’s a Knockout at Halkyn Cricket Club

Home movie197715 minsSilent Location: Halkyn/Helygain

In the Queen’s silver jubilee year, Halkyn provides an It’s a Knockout to remember despite the not so clement weather.

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Fun at Halkyn Cricket ClubFun at Halkyn Cricket Club

Home movie197515 minsSilent Location: Halkyn/Helygain

Halkyn Cricket Club opens its beautiful ground to fun and frolics on the sunny August bank holiday in 1975 and the drought-stricken one in 1976.

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Michelle's Sports DayMichelle's Sports Day

Amateur film19705 minsSilent Location: Bexley

Danson Park, Welling, is the setting for a quintessential sports day featuring egg and spoon, sack and parents race.

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Motor Racing Crystal PalaceMotor Racing Crystal Palace

Amateur film19693 minsSilent Location: Crystal Palace

Formula 3 and sports cars are unleashed on Crystal Palace Park's once thriving race circuit.

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School Sports DaySchool Sports Day

Home movie19733 minsSilent Location: Enfield

Colourful and lively home movie record of garden activities and school sports day in Enfield Town Park.

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Peterston-Super-Ely July 26thPeterston-Super-Ely July 26th

Amateur film194617 minsSilent Location: Whitchurch

August shows in south Wales (Peterston-super-Ely, Pontypridd, Rumney, Aberdare and Whitchurch): horses, drays and the hammer and sickle.