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Stuntwoman Human Cannonball

Human Cannonball Mary Connors has the guts and determination of any Olympian, proving she really is a she performing at Knebworth House, 1975.

News 1975 3 mins

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Human Cannonball Mary Connor’s usual costume is an all-in-one padded jumpsuit, causing some to speculate that this daredevil woman is really a man in disguise. To set the record straight, and not one to turn down a challenge, 22 year old Mary attempts the stunt in her underwear. Catapulted through the air, Mary loses her bra en route from cannon to catching net, proving she really is all-woman, and winning her £25 bet.

Mary Connor's previous daredevil endeavours include being fired from a cannon across the River Avon in Bristol in August 1974. Sadly, Mary failed to break the English distance record for a human cannonball, making several attempts but each time falling short and landing in the water not the safety net.