Nothing About Us Without Us

Driven by enhanced access to digital technology and online distribution platforms, the most recent chapter in D/deaf and disability-led filmmaking has seen an exciting range of contemporary work produced that challenges mainstream representations and puts the narrative back in the hands of the disabled community. 

The most recent chapter in D/deaf and disabled-led filmmaking is rich and varied. Increasing ease of access to digital technology, structured funding initiatives, online distribution platforms and dedicated film festivals have all enabled a production boom across art forms that has placed representational power back in the hands of the disabled community. These evolutions have dovetailed with a renewed call for the film and television industries to increase diversity on screen, collaborate more widely and avoid ‘cripping up’ – the practice of non-disabled actors playing D/deaf or disabled characters.

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Science Fiction201411 mins

Flatmates fight over the opportunity to experience some very new sensations.

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Hands SoloHands Solo

200915 mins

A Deaf man becomes a world-famous porn star thanks to some advanced skill with his hands.

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The EndThe End

Science Fiction201124 mins

A moving speculation on the future decline of Deaf culture

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Comedy201522 mins

Pity-puncturing odd-couple comedy inspired by Ingmar Bergman

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Trapped RhythmsTrapped Rhythms

Music video20164 mins

Powerful music video that demands respect for difference.

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Drama200813 mins

Artist-activist Liz Crow's haunting film about the Nazis' Aktion-T4 programme during World War Two. In 1939 Germany, a secret institution has sinister plans for its disabled inmates.

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Performance20143 mins

Dance, theatre and film collide in this exploration of conflict and creativity.

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Resistance (BSL version)Resistance (BSL version)

Drama200813 mins

Artist-activist Liz Crow's haunting film about the Nazis' Aktion-T4 programme during World War Two. In 1939 Germany, a secret institution has sinister plans for its disabled inmates.

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Special PeopleSpecial People

Comedy200413 mins

Five teenagers get their own back on a manipulative filmmaker in this subversive comedy.

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Drama20158 mins

A woman’s escape from an oppressive leader is thwarted when she’s betrayed by a friend.

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Mrs SparkleMrs Sparkle

Drama20104 mins

Parallel worlds collide, stitched together by a fabulous silver hand

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21 Things to Remember21 Things to Remember

Drama20032 mins

12-year old Ruby has 21 things to remember, so she counts them off on her fingers and toes. But doesn’t she realise she’s going to run out at 20?

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The KissThe Kiss

Comedy20147 mins

A hearing couple gets a comeuppance after patronising a Deaf couple sitting next to them.

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The MaskThe Mask

Documentary20174 mins

Personal exploration of identity and autism, with a splash of Al Murray.

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All DayAll Day

201011 mins

Two single neighbours look for love in this playful rom-com exploring Deaf identity

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Animation & Artists Moving Image20175 mins

Lyrical animation exploring the relationship between body and mind

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Drama201322 mins

A woman risks the safety of her secret commune by helping a stranger.

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All for ClaireAll for Claire

Animation & Artists Moving Image20118 mins

Claire sets her suitor Lee some tricky challenges in this colourful animation

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Deaf MuggerDeaf Mugger

Comedy20102 mins

A deaf thief falls out with his interpreter in this comedy caper

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A Is for AutismA Is for Autism

Animation & Artists Moving Image199211 mins

This multi-award winning film gives a short glimpse into the world of autism, composed of words, drawings, music and animation all contributed by autistic people.

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Drama200516 mins

This short film by artist-activist Liz Crow follows Walter Kendall, a man who has lived all his 91 years in the same city. When his beloved wife Gloria dies, he is overtaken with memories of the day he discovered what he really wanted from life.

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Animation & Artists Moving Image20164 mins

An art gallery provides some respite from the world outside

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Drama201212 mins

A Deaf teenager is finally heard when an interpreter visits his family home

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I'm MeI'm Me

Music video20154 mins

A musical celebration of learning-disabled identity