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All Day

Two single neighbours look for love in this playful rom-com exploring Deaf identity

2010 11 mins



Aaron is bored, he can’t seem to meet anyone he likes. Rebecca, who lives next door, has just broken up with her boyfriend. The singles have noticed each other but ruled out the possibility of an approach for fear that their deafness might be an obstacle. Will the lovelorn protagonists settle for hearing partners or find someone with whom they can share a common language?

Produced through Zoom, British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust’s short filmmaking initiative, this light-hearted rom-com written and directed by actor Nadia Nadarajah has a serious point to make about Deaf identity. Nadarajah, who is fluent in five sign languages (and three written ones) is best known for her stage work and has long championed the use of sign language as a valuable artistic and aesthetic choice in its own right, rather than a means to a communicative end.