London Film-Makers' Co-op

Celebrating 50 years of the LFMC (now Lux), the ground-breaking production and distribution cooperative for artists’ moving image.

The London Film-Makers Co-op was begun in October 1966 by a group of film enthusiasts that met in the basement of the Better Books shop on Charing Cross Road, with founder members including Ray Durgnat, Simon Hartog and Stephen Dwoskin. Inspired by the activities of Jonas Mekas and the New American Cinema Group in New York, the LFMC was initially established as a non-profit distribution cooperative. But with the arrival of a new generation of members, including Malcolm Le Grice, Fred Drummond and David Curtis, the LFMC expanded into organisation that incorporated a film workshop, cinema space and distribution office. Through the 70s, 80s and 90s, the LFMC was the UK’s principle hub for experimental and independent film culture. Following its demise, a new organisation LUX was formed in 2002, which continues to be the UK’s leading agency for the support and promotion of artists’ moving image. This selection of films from the first 25 years of the LFMC have been newly digitised by LUX as part of the LFMC’s 50th anniversary commemorations.

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Animation & Artists Moving Image19759 minsSilent

A female dancer performs in front of what appears to be a wall of mirrors until her reflection takes on a life of its own.

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Emily (Third Party Speculation)Emily (Third Party Speculation)

Animation & Artists Moving Image197962 mins

Filmed in a closed domestic environment, this film investigates the question of identification and point of view in cinema.

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Tea LeafTea Leaf

Documentary19888 mins

An intimate account of frustration and disarray in 1980s Britain from the point of view of a young woman.

Currently unavailable

Spot the MicrodotSpot the Microdot

Animation & Artists Moving Image19698 mins

An unprintable film, handmade by punching holes into an opaque 16mm strip.

Currently unavailable

Guerillere TalksGuerillere Talks

Documentary197824 mins

Six film portraits of women associated with the punk music scene in 1970s New York.

Currently unavailable

Blind White DurationBlind White Duration

Animation & Artists Moving Image196813 minsSilent

Interaction between a blank white screen and filmed snow.

Currently unavailable

Colours of This TimeColours of This Time

Documentary19722 minsSilent

A time-lapse study of a London park during the course of a summer day

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Animation & Artists Moving Image197413 mins

Three people with cameras converge on a remote location near Hay Toor in Dartmoor.

Currently unavailable

Angles of IncidenceAngles of Incidence

Documentary19738 mins

The view through the filmmaker’s window opens up the flat surface of the film screen.

Currently unavailable

Real TimeReal Time

Animation & Artists Moving Image197133 mins

As she recollects her childhood, the filmmaker reflects on time, family and ageing.

Currently unavailable

Muybridge FilmMuybridge Film

Animation & Artists Moving Image19754 minsSilent

Anne Rees-Mogg pays tribute to Muybridge’s studies of human motion with this portrait of filmmaker Renny Croft.

Currently unavailable

A Length of TimeA Length of Time

197022 mins

A documentary on life, filmic time and stock car racing.

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image19833 mins

Victorian lantern slides and a ‘patriotic’ rendering of God Save the Queen

Currently unavailable

Sentimental JourneySentimental Journey

Animation & Artists Moving Image197734 mins

A poetic tutorial about how to make an experimental film

Currently unavailable

Nothing Is SomethingNothing Is Something

19669 mins

The delicate everyday beauty of soap bubbles, moving water and rainbow reflections.

Currently unavailable

Living MemoryLiving Memory

Animation & Artists Moving Image198039 mins

The filmmaker revisits the landscape of her youth and her memory of it

Currently unavailable

Grandfather's FootstepsGrandfather's Footsteps

Animation & Artists Moving Image198336 mins

The filmmaker re-evokes the presence of her great-grandfather, Henry Stiles Savory, a Victorian clergyman, photographer and scientist.

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image19809 mins

Two girls become 18th century ladies in this short film about the assumption of roles.

Currently unavailable

Film No. 1Film No. 1

Animation & Artists Moving Image197110 mins

Film No. 1 emphasizes the material process of film printing through repetition, seriality and permutations of colour

Currently unavailable


19714 mins

The Coca-Cola sign in Piccadilly Circus at night to the sound of rock ’n’ roll.

Currently unavailable

The Man with a Movie CameraThe Man with a Movie Camera

Animation & Artists Moving Image19739 minsSilent

A carefully controlled reflection on the process of filmmaking, playfully demonstrating the camera as a tool for constructing a filmed image.

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image19921 mins

A vertiginous lesbian kiss in a mountain cablecar inspired by German expressionism.

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Lady LazarusLady Lazarus

Animation & Artists Moving Image199124 mins

A cinematographic response to Sylvia Plath’s Lady Lazarus with Plath’s own readings of her poetry

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Animation & Artists Moving Image198520 mins

A filmic exploration of the working conditions of female nuclear workers.

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image198416 mins

A first-person essay on the experience of anorexia and its cultural causes

Currently unavailable

Uranium HexUranium Hex

Animation & Artists Moving Image198712 mins

Uranium mining in Canada and the destruction of the environment

Currently unavailable

Plutonium BlondePlutonium Blonde

Animation & Artists Moving Image198616 mins

A fractured narrative on a female worker at a plutonium terminal

Currently unavailable

Gloucester Road GrooveGloucester Road Groove

Animation & Artists Moving Image19692 minsSilent

An exuberant night out in buzzing 1960s Gloucester Road.

Currently unavailable

Serpent RiverSerpent River

Documentary198932 mins

An anti-nuclear film on a community living in proximity to uranium mines in Canada.

Currently unavailable

Close UpClose Up

Documentary198371 mins

A radical, anti-representational film set against the backdrop of the Nicaraguan revolution

Currently unavailable

Silent PartnerSilent Partner

Animation & Artists Moving Image197733 mins

Domestic interiors are interrogated by a restless camera in this radical, anti-narrative film.

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image196811 mins

A static shot of a hallway, demystified and disrupted by quick cuts and an alarm ringing.

Currently unavailable

Condition of IllusionCondition of Illusion

Animation & Artists Moving Image197532 minsSilent

A problematisation of the relation between spectator and photographic image.

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image196810 mins

A photograph of Nico is abstracted beyond recognition through a zoom.

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image197414 minsSilent

Five layers of optical superimposition demonstrate film as a construct.

Currently unavailable

8mm film-notes on 16mm8mm film-notes on 16mm

Animation & Artists Moving Image197119 mins

A structuralist collage emphasizing the difference between 8mm and 16mm film gauges

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image19698 minsSilent

A film by an early British pioneer of computer generated filmmaking.

Currently unavailable

Not to See AgainNot to See Again

198114 mins

An anti-montage film hovering on the line between abstraction and representation

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image197911 mins

Details, fragments, transformations and shadows of a confined space.

Currently unavailable

The Ten Commandments of LoveThe Ten Commandments of Love

Animation & Artists Moving Image19794 mins

An impassioned embrace on an ocean pier to 'The Ten Commandments of Love'.

Currently unavailable

She SaidShe Said

198327 mins

A film on the theme of women’s work and free time

Currently unavailable


19795 mins

A reflection on the relationship between language and work

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image19807 mins

Looking outside and looking back in the same moment; the collision of memory and reluctance.

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image19764 mins

Reveries during a train journey are suggested though montage

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image198928 mins

A feminist collage/essay film that takes a critical look at certain feminist theories.

Currently unavailable

The Pecking OrderThe Pecking Order

Animation & Artists Moving Image19895 mins

A beautifully painted animated critique of modern intensive farming methods

Currently unavailable


198715 mins

A council launderette as a site of oppression and possible resistance

Currently unavailable

Fatima's LetterFatima's Letter

Animation & Artists Moving Image199220 mins

A woman remembers her past while travelling on the London Underground

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image19863 minsSilent

Close-up images of a white swan as it prepares for flight

Currently unavailable

Three PacesThree Paces

Animation & Artists Moving Image198914 mins

An urban fairy tale where myth and reality constantly collide

Currently unavailable

Durga (A Ritual)Durga (A Ritual)

Animation & Artists Moving Image198623 mins

Meaning is built through repetition in this filmic meditation of sexuality, loss and rebirth.

Currently unavailable

Still LifeStill Life

Animation & Artists Moving Image19765 minsSilent

A traditional ‘still life’ serves as subject for a film on colour transformation

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image19763 minsSilent

Images of fireworks superimposed in the camera and in the optical printer

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image19753 minsSilent

Clouds filmed from a moving car producing the illusion of space within the frame

Currently unavailable

Light MusicLight Music

Animation & Artists Moving Image197931 mins

Classic expanded cinema work that proposes a direct relationship between the sonic and the visual.

Currently unavailable

Mechanical BalletMechanical Ballet

19759 minsSilent

Double-screen found-footage film in which car crash tests take a sinister and humorous quality.

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image19746 mins

Actor and cameraman engage in a game of ‘grandmother’s footsteps’ in a playfully delightful film.

Currently unavailable

Some FriendsSome Friends

Animation & Artists Moving Image19735 mins

Polaroid portraits of the filmmaker’s friends are filmed against various backdrops

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Cezanne's EyeCezanne's Eye

Animation & Artists Moving Image198223 mins

An experiential journey through the landscape of Cezanne’s Provence.

Currently unavailable

The Red SeaThe Red Sea

Animation & Artists Moving Image199221 mins

A tragic journey of self-discovery through land, sea and the body

Currently unavailable


19905 mins

A woman searches through an interior landscape, where she is both trapped and contained

Currently unavailable

A NosegayA Nosegay

Animation & Artists Moving Image198617 mins

A homoerotic homage to Genet and Lautréamont with an angel and a hermaphrodite.

Currently unavailable

L'Ange FrénétiqueL'Ange Frénétique

19865 mins

A study of frustration and insolence featuring an epicene angel played by Cerith Wyn Evans

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image196313 mins

A girl alone in her room, smoking, putting on make-up, masturbating.

Currently unavailable

Chinese CheckersChinese Checkers

Animation & Artists Moving Image196513 mins

Two masked women make love while playing the board game.

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image196413 mins

A woman in a bedroom, alone with her own thoughts .

Currently unavailable

The Cat and the Woman, A Cautionary TaleThe Cat and the Woman, A Cautionary Tale

Animation & Artists Moving Image19872 mins

A woman loses her head to a cat in return for a man.

Currently unavailable

Thinking TwiceThinking Twice

Animation & Artists Moving Image199710 mins

A film which attempts to reflect the rigour of the music featuring pianist Katharina Wolpe.

Currently unavailable

Free ShowFree Show

Animation & Artists Moving Image197917 mins

Three potentially violent domestic activities performed by a woman.

Currently unavailable

The Garden of EatingThe Garden of Eating

Animation & Artists Moving Image19863 mins

A stop-motion collage film that constructs a garden out of flowers, candles, plastic cellophane and food

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image19825 mins

A young woman shakes eels out from between the sheets of a bed.

Currently unavailable

Shower ProofShower Proof

Animation & Artists Moving Image19689 minsSilent

A quotidian yet abstract bathroom sequence, printed on high-contrast negative film.

Currently unavailable

Looking for the MoonLooking for the Moon

Animation & Artists Moving Image19875 minsSilent

Tentative gestures of hands and body become symbolic of trust and the need to escape

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image198916 mins

A film in three parts shot in varying intimate and personal environments.

Currently unavailable

Hide & SeekHide & Seek

198715 mins

A metaphorical and lyrical journey of discovery through childhood memories

Currently unavailable

Yes No Maybe NotYes No Maybe Not

Animation & Artists Moving Image19678 minsSilent

Black and white images of lapping water are juxtaposed with and superimposed upon Battersea Power Station in this double-screen film.

Currently unavailable

Soul in a White RoomSoul in a White Room

Animation & Artists Moving Image19683 mins

An intimate encounter suggested by two pairs of hands

Currently unavailable

Milk and GlassMilk and Glass

Animation & Artists Moving Image19939 mins

Boundaries are blurred as images of a woman’s body are projected onto domestic objects

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image19757 mins

A domestic scene with a man and woman, as seen through a window

Currently unavailable

That’s Entertainment/The Conjuror’s AssistantsThat’s Entertainment/The Conjuror’s Assistants

Documentary197823 mins

Frame by frame analysis of documentary footage taken at a children’s Christmas party.

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image19714 mins

The lens is removed from the camera resulting in a complex interplay of light patterns

Currently unavailable


Documentary197317 mins

A film that attempts to create the rhythm and transience of felt experience.

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image197442 minsSilent

Instinctive yet formal, a film that takes a drawing of a cross as a score.

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image197443 mins

An experiential film that captures the filmmaker’s flux-like process of being in a room, filming.

Currently unavailable

Stabat MaterStabat Mater

Drama19908 mins

An exultant journey through the emotional landscape of the filmmaker’s native Gibraltar.

Currently unavailable

Close to HomeClose to Home

Documentary198528 mins

An image of freedom and the melancholy of parting in this film about Gibraltar

Currently unavailable

"Now I Am Yours""Now I Am Yours"

Documentary199333 mins

Extreme state of religious and sexual ecstasy in this film on the figure of Saint Teresa

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Animation & Artists Moving Image19739 mins

The camera circles the exterior of an empty theatre while a voice describes ‘imaginary presentations’ inside.

Currently unavailable

The InstitutionThe Institution

Animation & Artists Moving Image197854 mins

A critique of the institution of mental health care that questions ‘normal’ viewing habits.

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image197022 mins

A white linen sheet is filmed in a series of locations as focal point

Currently unavailable

Shepherd's BushShepherd's Bush

Animation & Artists Moving Image197215 mins

A quintessential Co-op film made using the contact printer

Currently unavailable

Tender KissesTender Kisses

Animation & Artists Moving Image197211 mins

This film questions the convincing illusion produced by the two great illusionists: Television and Cinema.

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image198245 mins

A film that raises questions about the associations between song lyrics and particular places.

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image197012 mins

A self-reflexive film in which a woman reads a text about shearing to camera.

Currently unavailable

Red + Green + BlueRed + Green + Blue

Animation & Artists Moving Image197010 minsSilent

In this structural-materialist film, colour is generated by landscape: from the sky, the grass and berries

Currently unavailable


19857 mins

A hand-scratched film on light, dark, insects and cinema

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image19679 mins

A girl broods over a failed love affair while the camera roves over her.

Currently unavailable

Jesus BloodJesus Blood

Animation & Artists Moving Image197330 mins

A man walks towards the camera to the sound of 'Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet'.

Currently unavailable


Documentary197014 mins

Two women in a swinging London living room in a film that questions acting.

Currently unavailable

Light Occupations: Lens and Mirror FilmLight Occupations: Lens and Mirror Film

Animation & Artists Moving Image19733 mins

Playful investigation of the filmic equipment, particularly camera and projector

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image197114 mins

A reel of 8mm film undergoes a mysterious transformation through refilming, colour changing and printing

Currently unavailable

Lens Hand FootLens Hand Foot

Animation & Artists Moving Image19733 minsSilent

The filmmaker explores the relationship of her own body to the filmmaking apparatus

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image19827 minsSilent

A photomontage film that offers an interpretation of the mystery of the harvest.

Currently unavailable

Red SeaRed Sea

Animation & Artists Moving Image19826 minsSilent

Spring tides and menstrual cycles at the full and new moon

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image19789 mins

An image of the Yangtse bridge is re-filmed with a soundtrack of popular Chinese music.

Currently unavailable

At the AcademyAt the Academy

Animation & Artists Moving Image19745 mins

A found-footage film made entirely from the countdown leader that is normally used to cue the start of films.

Currently unavailable


Animation & Artists Moving Image19725 mins

A circular form fluctuates in rhythms of light and sound in this hand-made film.

Currently unavailable

Salt WaterSalt Water

Animation & Artists Moving Image198619 mins

Reflections in fish tanks in the windows of restaurants in Chinatown, San Francisco.

Currently unavailable

One Million Unemployed in Winter 1971One Million Unemployed in Winter 1971

Documentary19717 mins

A film on unemployment, which was made to be shown at Claimants Union meetings.

Currently unavailable

Four FilmsFour Films

196912 mins

Early experimentations with film by a materialist sculptor and future structural filmmaker

Currently unavailable

Five FilmsFive Films

Animation & Artists Moving Image196917 mins

Five experimentations with film as a medium, a physical object and a record of social reality

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Green on the HorizonGreen on the Horizon

Animation & Artists Moving Image198817 mins Location: Cliffe Marshes

The haunting qualities of the English countryside are evoked in this enigmatic film: part fake public information film, part occult jaunt.

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Industrial Relations BillIndustrial Relations Bill

Animation & Artists Moving Image19714 minsSilent

Experimental film responding to the controversial Industrial Relations Bill of 1971

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Macbeth a TragedyMacbeth a Tragedy

Drama19836 mins

Experimental Shakespeare: prose and poetry, reading and performance, with filming mechanics laid bare

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Eros ErosionEros Erosion

Animation & Artists Moving Image198941 mins

A meditation on transcience, trauma and taboo in the cruel wake of the AIDS epidemic