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Fascination 18 rating

Jean Rollin’s best-known film is the most full-blooded of his vampire tales, teeming with sex and lavishly filmed gore scenes

Horror 1979 82 mins

Director: Jean Rollin


Jean Rollin’s best-known film follows a swaggering thief who hides out in a lavish chateau, holding the occupants at gunpoint. When night falls, he realizes that these two maids are not only deadlier than he imagined, but are gatekeepers to a ring of women with a thirst for blood.

The most full-blooded in the director’s series of vampire tales, Rollin’s interest in naked vampirism here spills unapologetically into the arena of erotica. Teeming with sex and lavishly filmed gore scenes, it derives much of its strength from the memorable images of the gorgeous Brigitte Lahaie as a robed, scythe-wielding maniac.