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The Nude Vampire 18 rating

Jean Rollin’s second vampire film is a mesmerisingly surreal art-horror, short on logic but steeped in gorgeously sensual imagery.

Horror 1969 85 mins

Director: Jean Rollin


In the second of his series of vampire films, cult director Jean Rollin sets out his stall – presenting a mesmerising, artful horror that’s short on dialogue and logic but steeped in gorgeously sensual imagery.

A surreal blend of horror, espionage and erotica, it follows the son of a wealthy businessman as he is lured into a secret cult that is conducting experiments on a mute vampire woman being held in captivity. With its shadowy organisations and air of paranoia, Rollin was clearly inspired by the works of fellow French filmmakers Jacques Rivette, Georges Franju and Louis Feuillade, but with this visually vibrant and eerily seductive film he sealed his own reputation as a master of Euro horror/fantasy.