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Shiver of the Vampires 18 rating

Newlyweds visit their cousins at a remote rural chateau, finding them under the spell of two vampire girls.

Horror 1970 95 mins

Director: Jean Rollin


When a honeymooning couple visit the crumbling estate of the bride's ancestors, they discover her closet is filled with more than skeletons: a sinister lesbian vampire, a pair of nubile handmaidens, and two vampire hunters who have been recruited into the ranks of the undead.

The fourth entry in Jean Rollin’s cycle of erotic vampire films is, as always, a sensory delight, with the director revelling in the splash of crimson red against naked flesh. The film’s “excellent visual qualities” (as noted by the BFI’s Monthly Film Bulletin upon its release) are burnished by a soundtrack of prime psychedelia by Acanthus.