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Timeslip 12 rating

A high-octane tale of atomic-era espionage on the rain-spattered streets of 1950s London.

Science Fiction 1955 93 mins

Director: Ken Hughes



The tension never slackens in this fast-paced tale of atomic-era espionage, starring American actors Gene Nelson and Faith Domergue as crusading reporters investigating a sinister scientific plot. Atmospherically shot on the shadowy, rain-spattered streets of 1950s London, this taut, ingenious thriller grippingly fuses elements of sci-fi and film noir-style mystery.

Timeslip's American leads were signed up in an attempt to boost the film's appeal to cinemagoers in the States. But the supporting cast is distinctly British - including Carry On regular Charles Hawtrey on splendidly caustic form in a brief but memorable bit as a newspaper employee.