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The Blockhouse 12 rating

A rare serious performance by Peter Sellers drives this tale of eight men buried in a bunker for three years at the end of WWII.

Drama 1973 92 mins

Director: Clive Rees


On D-Day, a mixed group of forced labourers held by the Nazi forces take shelter from a bombardment inside a German bunker. They are trapped when the entrances are blocked by the shelling. By coincidence, the bunker is a store house and they have enough food and wine to last them for years. They decide to wait for rescue but eventually realise it's going to be a long wait and they will have to learn how to live with each other in the long term.

The Blockhouse is a 1973 film based on a novel by Jean-Paul Clébert. It was directed by Clive Rees and stars Peter Sellers in a rare straight role, along with Peter Vaughan, Charles Aznavour and Jeremy Kemp. It was filmed entirely in Guernsey in the Channel Islands and was entered into the 23rd Berlin International Film Festival. The film has been remastered here in 4k from the original negative.