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Shakespeare Wallah PG rating

When a young British actress from a touring troupe falls in love with an Indian playboy, the star-crossed lovers must overcome cultural differences and the scheming of a fierce rival.

Romance 1965 122 mins

Director: James Ivory



A company of nomadic actors travel across India performing Shakespeare, during the early days of post-colonial rule. When young troupe member Lizzie (Felicity Kendal) falls in love with a local playboy Sanju (Shashi Kapoor), the pair must overcome cultural differences and the scheming of fierce Indian film actress - and rival for Sanju’s affections - Manjula (Madhur Jaffrey).

Plaintive and haunting, Shakespeare Wallah was Merchant Ivory’s first international success. Shot by Satyajit Ray's cameraman, Subrata Mitra - and scored by Ray himself - the film is a delicate love story that sets the tone for so many of the partnership’s future collaborations.