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Monsters: Dark Continent 15 rating

The pyrotechnic sequel to Gareth Edwards’ cult sci-fi follows US soldiers attempting to police alien-infested zones while also battling human insurgents.

Science Fiction 2014 119 mins

Director: Tom Green


While Gareth Edwards’ 2010 debut was a clever conjoining of understated sci-fi and indie romance, Tom Green’s sequel takes a different but no less distinctive approach. Adding high-octane action and blistering political commentary into the mix, the sequel is set seven years later in a Middle East that’s highly infected with aliens and entirely under quarantine. As American forces try to police the region they face a new front from insurgents who perceive them to be invaders.

Debut director Green has stepped out of the shadow of Edwards’ film to create his own unconventional hybrid, delivering satisfying monster set-pieces along with a filtered, fantastical interpretation of the West’s recent Middle Eastern forays.