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A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness 15 rating

Visual artists Ben Rivers and Ben Russell’s mesmerising film follows an unnamed character through three phases of alternative existence, from rural commune to a black metal rock concert.

Animation & Artists Moving Image 2013 98 mins

Director: Ben Rivers


This mesmerising collaboration between visual artists Ben Rivers and Ben Russell follows an unnamed character through three seemingly disparate moments in his life: idyllic collective living on an Estonian island, in isolation in the majestic wilderness of Northern Finland; and during a concert as the singer of a black metal band in Norway.

Starring musician Robert AA Lowe (better known by his stage name Lichens), this captivating journey experiments with conventions of narrative and form, falling somewhere between fiction and non-fiction. While very much a product of the artists’ film scene, A Spell has won wide acclaim and will appeal to all admirers of alternative and transporting cinematic experiences.