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A scintillating portrait of a young man coming to terms with life, love, sex and relationships in contemporary Berlin.

Drama 2023 79 mins Not rated

Director: Hannes Hirsch



Moritz is excited to be moving to Berlin with his boyfriend. But the relationship falls apart when his partner wants the freedom to explore other bodies and experiences without the encumbrance of a live-in lover. So begins an odyssey of new relationships in a city full of possibilities. His circle of arty friends are energetic consumers of everything the city has to offer – drugs, sex, clubs and each other. Although broken-hearted, Moritz goes with the flow of the city, discovering the joys of sexual abandon. With each new encounter – straight, gay and a flirtation with S&M – he understands more of himself and how to fulfil people’s desires.

A coming-of-age story with a difference, Drifter is a revelatory portrait of an individual becoming sexually and emotionally confident, learning about friendship, sex and the thrill of living in the moment. Hannes Hirsch’s hugely impressive feature debut is a refreshing and authentic look at queer lives, imbued with the excitement of this generation’s ways of being.