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  • strong boxing violence, infrequent strong sex
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Journeyman 15 rating

Paddy Considine directs and stars in this emotional knockout - the story of a boxer rebuilding his life after a near-fatal injury.

Drama 2016 92 mins

Director: Paddy Considine



Paddy Considine follows up his directorial debut Tyrannosaur with the story of a boxer rebuilding his life after a near-fatal injury. Middleweight boxing world champion Matty Burton is nearing the end of his career. With one final prize fight ahead of him, he prepares to take on cocky newcomer Andre Bryte. But hours after the epic battle is fought, Matty collapses and falls into a coma. When he regains consciousness, his memory is gone, his personality dramatically altered and his physical movements impaired. As his relationship with wife Emma becomes increasingly strained, Matty must attempt to piece his life together and claw back the things he once held so dearly.

What begins as a testosterone-fuelled ringside spectacle effortlessly shifts to an intimate character study, boasting exceptional performances from Considine and Jodie Whittaker at its core. Make sure to bring those tissues, as Journeyman packs one hell of an emotional punch.