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Submarine 15 rating

Richard Ayoade’s sweet and quirky directorial debut about a Swansea teen’s travails with his distant girlfriend and warring parents.

Comedy 2011 97 mins

Director: Richard Ayoade


Comedian Richard Ayoade surprised many with the assuredness of his directorial debut, this quirky and bittersweet coming-of-age comedy that comes across like a British cousin to the work of Wes Anderson.

Swansea teenager Oliver (Craig Roberts) tries to navigate a path through some typical adolescent terrain, beginning with parents on the verge of separation (compounded by the arrival of the strange New Age guru next door) and encompassing his anguished relations with girlfriend Jordana (Yasmin Paige). Despite a relatively familiar plot, Submarine feels fresh and distinctive, from its refusal to characterise Oliver as either a cool kid or a geek, to its moody visuals and melancholy soundtrack by Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys.