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Bunny & the Bull 15 rating

Anarchic comedy from the director of Paddington and The Mighty Boosh, following an odd-couple’s wild European adventure.

Comedy 2009 97 mins

Director: Paul King


Bunny (Simon Farnaby) and his friend Stephen (Edward Hogg) embark on a highly surreal sojourn around Europe, leading to a love-tryst and Bunny’s decidedly unwise attempt to become a matador.

Upon release Paul King’s anarchic comedy was billed as the cinematic extension of The Mighty Boosh, the comedy series he directed for the BBC, but viewed today the film makes more sense as a foretaste of his cosmically successful followup feature, Paddington. King here defines the clear visual style refined to such success in Paddington, a fusion of vibrant photography, screen-saturating production design and a parade of quick-fire diversions and eccentric asides. Fans of cult British TV will relish cameos from Boosh associates such as Noel Fielding, Julian Barratt and Richard Ayoade, but King’s film should appeal to all lovers of out-there British screen comedy.