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*Batteries Not Included PG rating

Doomed tenement residents are saved by the ‘Fix-Its’, small alien spacecraft that repair their battered apartments, in this much-loved family sci-fi.

Fantasy 1987 106 mins

Director: Matthew Robbins


In this fondly remembered 1980s family sci-fi, small alien spacecraft known as the ‘Fix-Its’ arrive out of nowhere to help the downtrodden tenants of a New York apartment building threatened with eviction. The creatures’ ability to repair anything comes becomes increasingly useful as a gang of destructive hired hoods try to make the flats uninhabitable.

The debut feature screenwriting credit for Pixar’s luminary Brad Bird was originally pitched as an episode of Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories TV series, but Spielberg was so enamoured with the idea he developed it for a theatrical release, becoming its executive producer.