The infinitely vast reaches of outer space evoke fear and wonder in equally boundless measure. It's not just boldly going - these are films which play on our fears of invasion, extinction and annihilation!

Our fundamental human craving for an understanding of how (and why) we got here, the ardour with which we explore our new frontiers, and our desperation to know whether we are indeed alone in the universe, all make us desperately hungry for these visions of ‘strange new worlds,’ and have resulted in some of the most dramatic and indelible moments in the history of cinema.

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First ManFirst Man

Drama2018141 minsDirector: Damien Chazelle

Ryan Gosling stars as Neil Armstrong in this powerful and sometimes petrifying biopic from the director of La La Land.

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The Man Who Fell to EarthThe Man Who Fell to Earth

Science Fiction1976139 minsDirector: Nicolas Roeg

Nicolas Roeg’s cult sci-fi stars David Bowie as an alien attempting to amass a fortune to save his home planet, but unable to escape his decadent earthly lifestyle.

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Science Fiction201094 minsDirector: Gareth Edwards

Gareth Edwards reimagined the monster movie with his highly impressive DIY sci-fi, in which an indie romance blossoms amid the trailing tentacles of an alien invasion.

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Midnight SpecialMidnight Special

Science Fiction2015112 minsDirector: Jeff Nichols

Jeff Nichols, the acclaimed chronicler of American delirium, presents an imaginative sci-fi about an otherworldly child pursued by the FBI and a shadowy cult.

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Dr. Who and the DaleksDr. Who and the Daleks

Science Fiction196583 minsDirector: Gordon Flemyng

Peter Cushing fires up the Tardis for the Doctor’s big-screen debut, as he and his companions travel to a devastated planet ruled by the Daleks.

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Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.

Science Fiction196684 minsDirector: Gordon Flemyng

In a far flung future, the monstrous metallic Daleks are inhuman alien overlords of Earth. Can interplanetary time traveller Dr Who thwart them?

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The Andromeda StrainThe Andromeda Strain

Science Fiction1971131 minsDirector: Robert Wise

Veteran director Robert Wise’s adaptation of Michael Crichton’s sci-fi novel is an alien virus epic with superb special effects and a suspenseful climax.

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Attack the BlockAttack the Block

Crime201188 minsDirector: Joe Cornish

Aliens wage war on a tower block after one of their number is bludgeoned by a street gang in this witty, action-packed feature debut by Joe Cornish.

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First Man into SpaceFirst Man into Space

Horror195876 minsDirector: Robert Day

A young pilot becomes the first person to fly into outer space, but returns mutilated and thirsty for blood...

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Fiend without a FaceFiend without a Face

Horror195774 minsDirector: Arthur Crabtree

What horror lies behind a series of grisly murders? A psychopath? Alien invaders? The truth is weirder still in this cult low-budget sci-fi horror.

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Flight of the NavigatorFlight of the Navigator

Science Fiction198690 minsDirector: Randal Kleiser

1980s family sci-fi at its best, following a boy’s relationship with a talking spaceship that has filled his brain with intergalactic star charts.

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Friendship's DeathFriendship's Death

Science Fiction198772 minsDirector: Peter Wollen

Tilda Swinton's extraterrestrial robot makes left-field, political and touching observations about the state of the world in this witty sci-fi film.

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It Came from Outer SpaceIt Came from Outer Space

Science Fiction195380 minsDirector: Jack Arnold

One of the key UFO films of the '50s with aliens taking over the local townsfolk after their ship crash lands in the desert.

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Monsters: Dark ContinentMonsters: Dark Continent

Science Fiction2014119 minsDirector: Tom Green

The pyrotechnic sequel to Gareth Edwards’ cult sci-fi follows US soldiers attempting to police alien-infested zones while also battling human insurgents.

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Night of the Big HeatNight of the Big Heat

Horror196790 minsDirector: Terence Fisher

Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing take on invaders from another world in Terence Fisher's scorching sci-fi yarn.

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Science Fiction2005119 minsDirector: Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon restored a sense of fun to the sci-fi genre with his space saga set aboard renegade ship Serenity.

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Silent RunningSilent Running

Science Fiction197289 minsDirector: Douglas Trumbull

Douglas Trumbull’s ecological sci-fi, eulogised by Mark Kermode as the best science fiction film ever made.

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The Strange World of Planet XThe Strange World of Planet X

Science Fiction195774 minsDirector: Gilbert Gunn

In this British take on The Day the Earth Stood Still, a scientist’s experiments cause freak events and attract aliens to earth.

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Supersonic SaucerSupersonic Saucer

Children's195651 minsDirector: Guy Fergusson

A baby from Venus saves the day with his superpowers in this charming sci-fi tale produced by the Children's Film Foundation.

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The ThingThe Thing

Horror1982109 minsDirector: John Carpenter

Twelve men at an Antarctic research station battle a shape-shifting alien that hides in human form, in John Carpenter’s ground-breaking sci-fi horror.

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This Island EarthThis Island Earth

Science Fiction195586 minsDirector: Joseph M. Newman

One of the most celebrated of all 1950s sci-fi films, featuring a memorably bug-eyed and brain-bulging mutant.

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The Trollenberg TerrorThe Trollenberg Terror

Horror195881 minsDirector: Quentin Lawrence

Strange events at a Swiss mountain resort are linked to a mind-controlling tentacled creature.

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Unearthly StrangerUnearthly Stranger

Science Fiction196379 minsDirector: John Krish

A scientist is removed from a sensitive research project after his wife is suspected of being an alien, in this eerie sci-fi from director John Krish.

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X the UnknownX the Unknown

Horror195679 minsDirector: Leslie Norman

When investigating a radiation source on a desolate Scottish moor, a group of soldiers disturb a subterraneous radioactive entity.

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Under the SkinUnder the Skin

Horror2013108 minsDirector: Jonathan Glazer

An alien Scarlett Johansson prowls the streets of Glasgow in Jonathan Glazer’s astonishing, mind-bending mixture of existential sci-fi and inner-city realism.

Rent for £3.50

*Batteries Not Included*Batteries Not Included

Fantasy1987106 minsDirector: Matthew Robbins

Doomed tenement residents are saved by the ‘Fix-Its’, small alien spacecraft that repair their battered apartments, in this much-loved family sci-fi.

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Flash GordonFlash Gordon

Science Fiction1980112 minsDirector: Mike Hodges

Sam J. Jones stars as the quintessential comic strip hero, out to save the Earth from Ming the Merciless, in Mike Hodges’ visually ravishing sci-fi.

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Saturn 3Saturn 3

Science Fiction198087 minsDirector: Stanley Donen

A pair of scientists' idyllic life on Saturn's moon is ruptured by the arrival of a sinister psychopath and his murderous robot.

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Capricorn OneCapricorn One

Science Fiction1977123 minsDirector: Peter Hyams

Stunning sci-fi thriller steeped in post-Watergate paranoia, following a hoaxed mission to Mars and a trio of astronauts' desperate flight for survival, with Elliott Gould, James Brolin and O.J. Simpson.

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Science Fiction1989101 minsDirector: Michael Anderson

Flight crash investigator Bill Smith (Kris Kristofferson) discovers that time travellers from the future are visiting the present day and stealing passengers from doomed aircraft to repopulate a future, infertile human race.

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Woman in the MoonWoman in the Moon

Science Fiction1929170 minsSilentDirector: Fritz Lang

Fritz Lang’s second silent sci-fi classic after Metropolis is a space exploration saga about scheming scientists searching for gold on the moon.

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