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Woodford Market

All walks of life captured in this short film about this busy market, not all of them are shopping related!

Amateur film 1930 1 mins Silent

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There is an awful lot packed into this short film about a local market by local filmmaker Sydney F. Martin, ranging from the mundane to the quite surprising. We see busy clothes stalls where one man is holding up a new pair of trousers for size. Whilst elsewhere, a man in a turban offers a range fabrics to a lady in a fur coat. A market food stall has hanging chickens galore and a sign offers a glass of Sarsaparilla Wine by the glass as a legacy of the Temperance Movement.

A strong man in vest and leather wrist guards is surrounded by a crowd. Whilst the gory highlight is a man with an inflamed injury on his foot being examined by a local chiropodist holding a very unnecessary magnifying glass surrounded by a crowd! This film is from the collection of Redbridge Museum, Local Studies and Archives.