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Two-Oared Boat Race, Sunday's Well, Cork (1902)

Oarsmen compete along the River Lee in early 20th century Cork.

Non-Fiction 1902 1 mins Silent


This film was commissioned by influential fairground showman George Green (one of the first exhibitors to hire Mitchell & Kenyon) for his cinematographic show at the Cork International Exhibition 1902. It documents a boat race on a suburban section of the River Lee, though its vantage point also commands a magnificent view of the river and a picturesque Sunday's Well backdrop.

This was one of 33 films that Mitchell & Kenyon made in Ireland between May 1901 and December 1902. It would have been shown at the 1902 Cork Exhibition as part of a programme of local films, which also included footage of the opening of the Exhibition, processions, and various views of Cork city. The exhibition attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors and proved so successful that it was extended for an extra year.