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Travels in France and Switzerland

A silent black & white and colour information film with inter-titles showing the city of Strasbourg, the Alsace region of France and the Swiss Alps.

Travelogue 1940 10 mins Silent


This film documents the Alpine valley systems, looking at waterways, dams, traditional farming methods and geological features in the landscape. The section on Strasbourg shows the city before German occupation in World War Two. Sections include: ‘Strasbourg’, ‘The Old Town’, including views of the cathedral, ‘The New Town’ and bridges on the Rhine’. The subject matter may have been used for military purposes.

Other sections (in black and white) include: ‘The Plain of Alsace from the Low Vosges’, ‘Castle of Ottrott’, ‘Obernai, a typical Alsatian town at foot of the Vosges’, Blümlisalp (Bernese Oberland)’, Vallee d’Hérens in the Pennine Alps (Canton Valais)’, ‘The Lower Valley “hanging” over the Rhone Valley Berenese Oberland in background’ and “The Pyramids of Euseigne”. In colour: ‘The Upper Valley between Les Haudères and Arolla, ‘The Mule Path to Arolla’, ‘Zone of the Mayens’, ‘Summer Pastures and Dwellings (Remuentz) in the zone of the Alpages’, Mont Collon and Glacier at Head of Arolla Valley Frontier between Switzerland and Italy’.