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The King's Visit to the Royal Agricultural Show, Shrewsbury

A sneak peek at the shires of Shrewsbury on display for the King’s visit to the county fair

Non-Fiction 1914 7 mins Silent


Visiting the Royal Agricultural Show, King George V tips his hat to the dense crowds of onlookers thrilled to get a sneak peek of their monarch. He meets veteran agriculturalists and admires the exhibited plants and animals - it's just a shame not to be able to hear the choristers who serenade the esteemed guest. The presence of the Household Cavalry and many dignitaries suggests the occasion was significant, and the film's focus is on the visiting royalty rather than the show itself.

The activities of the royalty were an enduring subject of early newsreels, which often featured visits like this one. Take a look at some of the other newsreels available on BFI Player to see different takes on the same event: Topical Budget's King Visits the Royal Agricultural Show, or Pathe's The King and Agriculture.